“Why can a song that you never paid attention to get stuck in your head, but you forget important things?”

Music today is designed to be trapped in your head. The music industry purposefully produces very repetitive rhythms which have been tested to stick in the minds of people. This helps to drive sales up a lot. If you listen to most music today it can easily get stuck in your mind. This music has also been designed to not last too long in your mind. Why? Well, if you have “I kissed a girl” from Katy Perry stuck in your mind, you’ll be too busy thinking about that song that you won’t bother to go out to buy her new music. This is why if you notice, all the songs that get stuck in your mind only stay there for a relatively short period of time. Music is designed to be sticky but they also want you to get tired of it quickly. If you study music appreciation this is referred to as the McDonaldization of music.

In contrast, if you listen to Beethoven or Chopin or some other master of the another era their songs don’t get stuck in your mind. This is because in those times music was made for the beauty and the art of it.


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mom… dad… i’m…

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i am currently suffering from severe lack of kisses, please donate to my cause

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98.7 AMP Radio Switch Party With 5 Seconds Of Summer

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i wish i was even half as brave as finn

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“Life isn’t fair, it’s just fairer than death, that’s all.”
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“Cuddling releases oxytocin, known as the “feel good” hormone. It increases happiness levels and relieves stress.”
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having social anxiety is bad because you cant have any relationships with anyone without spending all of your time consumed with thoughts like “they all hate me, they all laugh at me, they all think i’m annoying, everyone hates me and they don’t care about me at all”

so don’t fucking go around acting like having anxiety in social situations is cool because its not and it fucking sucks 

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